WOBA General Incident Reporting Form (Western Ontario Baseball Association)

WOBA General Incident Reporting Form
This form may be used by anyone for reporting incidents of concern pertaining to WOBA. In the event an official, coach, player or spectator behaves inappropriately at a sanctioned event or anywhere in the park during a game, it is a responsibility to complete the general incident report form. This includes use of liquor, profanity, physical or verbal abuse, fighting, and deliberate attempt to injure and for all requests of police or security. A committee will determine, based on the completed incident report, whether it merits review and or discipline. We make efforts to protect anonymity on request, however we do require contact information should we need to follow up or require clarification or additional information from an administration perspective. This form will be automatically submitted to the WOBA Vice President and the WOBA Secretary as per WOBA requirements. When in doubt with any infraction contact the WOBA Umpire in Chief or WOBA VP.

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