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Baseball Ontario has established an Elite Baseball Division so that Baseball Ontario players can compete at the highest level at the respective age levels.  This Elite Division of teams will classify as AAA.  Affiliated Associations must agree to be members of this program in order for their players to take part in the Elite Division.  Currently the age levels include 18U-Midget, 16U-Minor Midget and 15U-Bantam.

The WOBA Board of Directors voted in favour to participate as an Affiliate in the Elite Division Baseball program at their March 7, 2016 meeting and have notified Baseball Ontario of their decision.

What does this mean? 

As one of the Affiliated members, players from WOBA (currently 15U-bantam and 16U & 18U-midget age players) may try out for any team(s) registered by member Affiliates within the Elite Division.  Tryouts for the next season are between July and September of the current year.  If a player is successful in making a team then WOBA will grant them a release to play Elite Division baseball.   If a player is not successful then he/she has to return.

How do I find out where and when the tryouts begin?

Information will be posted at this Link for Elite Baseball.

Please be aware that tryouts for these teams may take place in July & August and wrapped up by the first week of September.

Elite Division Specifics:


Baseball Ontario has established an Elite Baseball Division so that Baseball Ontario players can compete at the highest level at the respective age levels.

Where an Affiliated Association agrees to be part of the Elite Division by July 1st on an annual basis, all Baseball Ontario Rep rules and constitutional requirements will be followed except as outlined below:

a) Any Local/Affiliated Association may register an Elite team at the Bantam, Minor Midget, and Midget age level.

b) If a player trying out for an Elite team is offered a position on the team, the player may accept and all necessary releases are considered to have been granted.

c) Any Local/Affiliated Association planning to field an Elite team must register their Elite team with the Baseball Ontario Office by August 1st that they will be offering an Elite team for the following playing year.

d) Tryouts for these Elite teams may start as early as July 1st and must be completed no later than the second Sunday in September.

e) It is understood that the playing rights of a player, who tries out for one or more Elite team(s) and is not selected, will remain where they were as determined by section P1.5(b) of the Constitution and By-laws of the Rep Division and the Rep Playing Rules.

f) Each Elite team will forward their roster, through the respective Affiliated Association, to Baseball Ontario no later than the Wednesday following the second Sunday in September. Elite teams will forward necessary releases to Baseball Ontario when they are received.

g) The respective Elite teams will determine the number of players on their team within the guidelines as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Rep Division and the Rep Playing Rules.

h) There will be, Bantam, Minor Midget and Midget teams with Minor Bantam, Bantam, Minor Midget and Midget) aged players participating in the Elite Division.

i) There must be a minimum of six teams at a series to form an Elite League for the respective age group.

j) All Elite reams will be classified as AAA.

k) Baseball Ontario will appoint a Commissioner to oversee the Elite Division operations.