Arm care/Pitching Rules FOR WOBA Championships (Western Ontario Baseball Association)

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WOBA Appendix 6--2020 Pitching Rules for Year-End Championships

A.      Illegal Pitch (Curve Ball):

Any breaking ball pitch in which the pitcher deliberately breaks his or her wrist or snaps the elbow in order to induce a forward or side-angled spin on the ball shall be prohibited at all levels of 11U Mosquito and below in WOBA play.

D.      Effective January 2020 the WOBA will be using the 2019 OBA Pitch Count limitations for their year-end championship tournaments.

To be Used only for WOBA Championship Tournament Play

a)             Series                                                         Daily                                      Maximum Daily


45 **



55 **



65 **



75 **



a)      If the pitcher has thrown more than the lower limit of daily pitches, he/she cannot pitch the next calendar day-the player must have 2 nights rest.  Upon achieving the maximum daily count, they must be removed from the pitching position.  When the maximum limit is reached the pitcher may finish pitching to the existing batter and then must be removed from the pitching position.

b)      (**)Where a team has multiple games on the same day, if a pitcher throws more than the lower limit during a game or in combination of one or more games, the pitcher may not pitch again in a subsequent game that day.

c)      Violating the pitch count regulation will result in the offending team forfeiting the game.  A second violation by a team will result in the manger/head coach’s indefinite suspension (Rule P2-10m) OBA.

d)      If a team has no remaining players eligible to pitch in a game, the opposing coach may designate a player who has yet to pitch in that game.  This pitcher may not throw more than 30 pitches.

e)      At Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam pitchers may not pitch on 3 consecutive calendar days.

f)        At Midget pitcher may not pitch on 3 consecutive calendar days unless,

                                  i.       The pitcher threw 30 pitches or less on each of the first 2 days.

                                ii.       The maximum number of pitches which may be thrown on the 3rd day is 50.

g)     Pitches shall count on the calendar day on which the pitch is thrown.  An exception shall be made where a game commences on one day and is played continuously past midnight.  In that case, the pitches shall count as being thrown on the day on which the game commenced.  In the case where a game is suspended, for whatever reason, on one day and resumed on a second day, pitches shall count on the calendar day on which the pitch is thrown (i.e. both parts of the game shall be considered on separate days).  Where weather or other reasons cause the delay or postponement of a game or games, the time of the delay can count towards the nights rest required and can constitute a break in the 3 consecutive day rule.

h)      Any player advancing to play in a higher series shall be restricted to the pitching rule of the series in which he/she is registered.

i)        A pitcher once removed from pitching may continue in the game at another position but shall not be permitted to return to pitch in that game.

j)        An official Pitch Count Recorder must be identified by the scorekeeper and must provide the pitch count to either manager or the umpires upon request.  It is the Pitch Count Recorder’s responsibility to inform the home plate umpire when the pitch count limit is reached.  The Pitch Count Recorder has final authority on the pitch count.

At Mosquito and Peewee, a player may not be a pitcher and catcher in the same game.