WOBA League Coaches Duties and Responsibilities (Western Ontario Baseball Association)

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Baseball Ontario Coaching Clinics

New coaches and coaches looking for workshops please visit http://nccp.baseball.ca/.  This is where to begin your NCCP training if you have not already done so, and to register for workshops once the online portion of certification training is complete.

All workshops are posted on the above-noted site as they become available, and coaches must register for all workshops through their own coach profile on that website.

Coaches Duties and Responsibilities


You will be given a preliminary roster that has last year’s players for the team you are coaching.  If a player is returning this year, leave him on the roster.  If they are not, draw a line through that player’s information.  If you need to add new players, put them on the bottom of the existing roster.  If there is not enough space blanks are attached.  When complete return to your town rep or registrar.  If you wish an electronic copy, please contact the registrar Allyn Ward  [email protected]

To be complete the roster needs the following information:

First and Last Name

Full address including fire # for rural routes

Postal Code

Phone number


Birth registration number if attending OBA tournaments (These can be found on their birth certificates.  It is the number that is as follows:  Birth year (last 2 digits)-05-6digits.) 

Without this number I am unable to submit your roster to the OBA and it will be rejected.  Without a roster you are unable to participate in tournament play and the OBA Championships.  The preliminary roster is NOT the one you take to tournaments.

Your town registrar forwards the rosters on to the WOBA registrar by submitting them online on the OBA website.  Once approved by the WOBA registrar they are forwarded on to the OBA for approval.  The OBA assigns a team number to the roster and if all information is accurate returns the roster to the WOBA registrar.  At that point the rosters are forwarded on to your town rep.  When they are returned to the coaches, the coach needs to have the players as well as any of the coaching staff verify the information is correct and sign the roster.  Note:  No changes or additions can be made to your roster after June 30th.   Make copies to take with you to tournaments.

When participating in tournaments the team is required to sign in on a form at the tournament.  On this sign in sheet the team number needs to be recorded.  If you do not supply the team number your team can face a fine from the OBA.  Please remember to always supply this number to the convenor of the tournament.

Please Note:  Turn around time is needed to get your rosters.  If you need it for early tournaments get it to the registrar early.  Preliminary Roster deadline is June 1st and final amendments may be made up until June 30th. 


Coaching Certification


For WOBA Play: 

Part 1:

All Rookie Head coaches to complete at minimum, the following before their first league game of the current season;

    1. Initiation On-line Module
    2. (recommended but not mandatory) Initiation Workshop

Part 2:

All Head coaches mosquito and above must complete at minimum, the following qualifications for the current season of league play.  Coaches who have not met the criteria by July will be removed from the team roster;

  1. Initiation On-line Module
  2. Initiation Workshop
  3. and one other baseball NCCP workshop (suggested Teaching & Learning)


All Assistant Coaches must complete at minimum the following qualifications.

  1. Initiation On-line

  2. Initiation workshop


For OBA Play:

All coaches/managers attending OBA games are required to attain NCCP training prescribed by Baseball Ontario.  For further information regarding the NCCP training and certification process go to www.baseballontario.com.  Click on the "coaches" tab on the home screen and then the "what do I need" tab. 

Any person who has not attained the required NCCP training for that division of play will not be permitted to be listed on the roster nor are they allowed to be on the bench.

 Regular League Play

All team schedules are required to have a minimum of 12 games per team. Home teams are to submit the scores to update the website.  This is extremely important for classification and determining team seedings for our league's year end tournaments.  If scores are not supplied your team will be in jeopardy of not being classified when it comes time to participate in OBA Championships and therefore you will not be allowed to participate.

The 2015 schedule may begin May 4th.  Regular league play must end by August 7th.  This is to include any rescheduled games due to rain out or cancellation.  For regular season play only, 24 hours verbal notice must be given to the opposing coach if a centre cannot field a team.